NetAidKit: your first aid kit for the net

With a NetAidKit in your pocket, you’ll be safer online in this digital age.


Counter surveillance

The NetAidKit is a USB-powered router that connects to your wired or wireless network and helps you increase your privacy and beat online censorship for all your devices.


Works with VPN & Tor

The NetAidKit sits between your devices and your internet connection. It ensures your online activity is sent over a virtual private network or Tor before it reaches the internet..


How it works

The NetAidKit is easy-to-use and portable.
Use your NetAidKit like a regular internet router while it
protects your online privacy.

Safe networking is a breeze with the NetAidKit!

Connect your computer, your mobile phone or tablet to your NetAidKit in any way you’re used to.
The NetAidKit accepts wired and wireless connections, allowing you to connect to the NetAidKit any way you want. It will also connect wired or wirelessly to the Internet.
After you’re connected, set-up your NetAidKit and choose your security preferences in the web interface.

Setup your NetAidKit in three easy steps:

1. Personalize your NetAidKit when asked.
2. Connect your NetAidKit to the internet. The NetAidKit connects to your existing internet connection via a network cable to your regular router or wirelessly.
3. Choose your safety precautions. Your NetAidKit can connect your devices directly or send your internet traffic through a VPN or Tor, improving privacy and anonymity.

Surf safe and secure!

VPN support allows the NetAidKit to connect to a virtual private network. A virtual private network protects you from snooping and surveillance by your internet provider. Once the NetAidKit is connected to a VPN, it sends the data from all your devices through the VPN automatically, without needing to configure the devices.
Connect to Tor to circumvent country-wide censorship. Tor also makes it much more difficult for your provider to identify you or pin down your activities. Best browsing practices still apply!

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NetAidKit features

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Secure Networking

The NetAidKit sits between your router and your devices. Connect to the NetAidKit to encrypt all traffic before it gets out onto the internet.

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Wifi Bridging

The NetAidKit connects to an existing wireless internet connection and will still allow you to wirelessly connect your devices to the NetAidKit.

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Anonymity Included

The NetAidKit hides your location when you get online. While it also tries to hide your identity, secure browsing best practices still apply.

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Privacy Guaranteed

The NetAidKit keeps your data secure. Your internet service provider cannot see the websites you visit and has no access to your data.

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Supports OpenVPN

The NetAidKit works with many VPN providers using the popular OpenVPN standard and certificate authentication. Upload your configuration file and you’re good to go.

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Tor Enabled

The NetAidKit can Torify all your internet traffic, not just your Tor browser sessions. Best browsing practices still apply to ensure your anonymity.

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The NetAidKit will auto-update to ensure your security with the latest versions of Tor, OpenVPN and system software. Updates are cryptographically signed to ensure integrity.

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Open by design

The NetAidKit is build on top of tried and tested open source technologies and is open by design. All of our code can by found on GitHub.

Get the code

The NetAidKit is built on top of tried and tested open source components, including OpenWRT, OpenVPN, Tor, Bootstrap and many others. All of our code can by found on GitHub. You are free to download the latest version of the source code and install it onto your OpenWRT compatible hardware.

Do you have experience with OpenWRT, Tor or open source development? Then help us improve the NetAidKit by contributing to our project or any of its open source components.

Do you have ideas for improvements to the NetAidKit?

We’ve love to hear from you so please get in touch!


How does the NetAidKit improve my security?

The NetAidKit makes it easy to send all data from all your devices over a secured connection. You can even make this mandatory. The NetAidKit will not allow your devices to connect to the Internet unless there’s a secure connection.

What type of secure connection are we talking about?

The NetAidKit supports virtual private networks or VPN. The NetAidKit supports OpenVPN and OpenVPN-compatible systems using certificate authentication, and can be configured by uploading an OpenVPN configuration file to your NetAidKit. The NetAidKit does not support username/password authentication.

The NetAidKit supports Tor, will that secure my Internet?

No, Tor does not secure your Internet. Tor is a technology that sends your data through several intermediaries before sending it on to it’s final destination. This makes it easier to hide your location and to circumvent censorship. If you don’t have access to a VPN, Tor can help you get around censorship to view content that is blocked.

Tor makes surfing on the Internet anonymous, right?

No, Tor can help you stay more anonymous but you should additionally use the Tor Browser Bundle. The NetAidKit does not get rid of tracking cookies by advertisers and organisations like Facebook, Google, etc. If you enable Tor and use your regular browser, sites that you visit will still be able to identify you with a cookie. Using a ‘private browsing session’ in your browser will block some cookies but the Tor Browser Bundle is your best option.

Tor will hide my other online activity, right?

When you enable Tor on the NetAidKit, all date from all your devices will be send over the Tor network. Eavesdroppers will not see that your device connects to mail.yourdomain.com. The operator of mail.yourdomain.com can see that you connect and login, but cannot see your IP address. In this way Tor can help hide your location from mail.yourdomain.com and your activity from eavesdroppers.

Will your auto-updates reveal the use of a NetAidKit?

Automatic updates uses the Google App Engine. Eavesdroppers only see that you connect to Google.com, nothing else.

How can I be sure of the integrity of updates?

All the updates for the NetAidKit are signed cryptographically with a secret key only known to us. The updater ensures that any updates are signed with this key before updating.

How many network interfaces does the NetAidKit have?

The NetAidKit has one LAN port, one WAN port and one wifi radio.

I want to connect multiple devices to the NetAidKit with a cable, now what?

If you want to connect more than one device to the NetAidKit with a cable, you can use an inexpensive switch that you to connect to the LAN port. You can then plug your devices into the switch.

Can I use the NetAidKit to bridge between wireless and wired networks?

Yes, the NetAidKit supports both incoming and outgoing connections over wired are wireless interfaces simultaneously. For example, the NetAidKit allow you to connect an iPad to a wired network or an old (wired) network printer to a wifi network.

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The NetAidKit is an open source project by Free Press Unlimited, the Internet Protection Lab and Radically Open Security.

Free Press Unlimited, Weesperstraat 3, 1018 DN Amsterdam, the Netherlands. KvK 52957535. Please address support questions to support@netaidkit.zendesk.com or use the contact form on the left. Free Press Unlimited can be reached on +31 20 8000 400.




The Internet Protection Lab is Free Press Unlimited’s program focussed on protecting journalists and activists in the digital domain. The NetAidKit is one of its projects focussed on userfriendly security.



Free Press Unlimited helps local journalists in war zones and conflict areas to provide their audience with trustworthy news and information. The information that people need to survive and give shape to their own future.



Radically Open Security are an idealistic bunch of security researchers, networking/ forensics geeks, and Capture The Flag winners that are passionate about making the world more secure. They believe in transparency and openness. And their goal is to secure the society that allows us to run a company in the first place.

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